Adopting a Stray could be the Best Decision of your Life

Now a days you see a lot of animal rescue stories on Facebook where people save animals and later adopt them. But these stories are still not very common in Pakistan. Mostly people here are breed conscious, and they prefer paying extra for buying a high breed animal, without realizing that a stray might love them even more. Cats and dogs have coexisted among humans for centuries, and you can even tame them with little time and affection. Pets are not toys or a display props and shouldn’t be treated like one. If you are an animal lover you will agree that for those who truly love their pets, they are no less than a family member.

Until you have loved an animal, part of your soul remains unawakened.animal_slide6_1

I once read a quote by Anatole France“Until you have loved an animal, part of your soul remains unawakened”. This one liner really touched my heart and I recalled the day I took in a stray cat and gave her a new life, family and love. Numerous researches and studies proved that people fighting depression, loneliness or any other trouble in life can find great comfort and relief in petting a stray animal. When you adopt a stray animal, you are basically saving a life, and saving a life is pretty much like saving yourself from worries taking over your nerves. There is movie by the name “BOB The Cat” it’s a true story of a drug addict who was saved by adopting a stray cat. Every animal has a different kind of love and association with its owner, but specifically talking about cats; they are very sensitive and warm at the same time. I speak about cats with experience as I have only raised them, but I am sure that every stray deserves a forever home and a family that can love him.


Public in Pakistan finds it hard to understand that an animal’s life is as precious as a human life.

I sometime feel very bad when I hear people speak like; who cares about animals when there are people getting killed every other day in Pakistan. Such sad incidents that involve loss of human life should not be used as an excuse to ignore how important an animal’s life is. If we as humans are highest of all beings, then we must not forget that these animals are dependent on us. You never know how much they need your mercy, attention and above all love. Because love is the only universal language that even animals can understand. When you buy a pet, you might find a play mate, and if you are lucky even peace and love. But when you accept and love a stray, you will see how intensively they love you back. They come from harsh and ruthless past, and your home, your presence and your love gives them that sense of security which they never had. It is not easy to tame them, but with love and patience you transform them into adorable house pets. They are in need of your love.


This craze of owing a breed dog or cat will only give more business to breeders who keep animals in filthy environments and push them to reproduce for money.

They can take pups and kittens away from mothers while they are still nursing. They do that because for them these animals are business products not living creatures. There are good people in the business as well, but why run after a breed when you can save a needier and deserving animal. By doing that you can inspire people in your social circle to adopt a stray animal as well. Unknowingly you can contribute in raising awareness against animal abuse and cruelty. When you treat your animal with respect and love, people around you can learn a lot about how to behave with an animal. At least you can be kind to them, if you can not keep them.

Canon 0003

Ever since I adopted and raised my first ever stray cat, I changed into totally a different person. Now I even see street dogs and cats with kindness, and if it is beyond my capacity to help, I at least try to convince people around to take care and pray for them. You will find plenty of organizations working for animal welfare and you might want to contribute in their efforts, but doing something yourself to save and love them will give you more peace and inner satisfaction. Your will become more optimistic about life and a happy person inside. I hope someday in Pakistan, every family that can support a stray animal, will adopt one.

NOTE: This article was originally published at on 11th Oct’2017

Howard International School Abu Dhabi – A Trap you may find too Good to be True !

A lot of professionals apply for online jobs everyday using different job portals. You find plenty of organizations posting their offers with genuine websites and addresses. People tend to apply for a variety of jobs they find relevant to their experience, and in some cases they do end up with a good job eventually.

However a couple weeks ago, I also applied for an online job at: // for a High School Administrator at Howard International School – Abu Dhabi. I applied directly on the job portal initially to which I received a reply from Howard International School within 2 days, asking me to go to their respective website and apply for the job from there.

email 1

The first look of their website was deceptive enough to confuse anyone and consider it a genuine institute:

web look

I went straight to the vacancies tab and applied for the post of High School Administrator on the website:

Job Ad

The response from the so called Howard International School was faster than expected, asking me to fill up a questionnaire and send it back to their given email address:


I was not suspicious till this time so I did fill up the questionnaire and sent it back via email. After 3 days approximately, they sent me an Acceptance letter/ Contract Package, which came more like a shock instead of surprise. After reading the acceptance letter I got a little suspicious when they asked me to pay for all the initial expense pertaining to visa processing.

Acceptance Letter Fake

One post on this blog by some Indian guy Rajan, indicated that this websites or whoever is behind this scam is operating from India most probably. The account numbers and details provided for payment were of some bank in India. There are plenty of such fake websites operating from different locations and pretending to have an office in London, New York, Abu Dhabi, Dubai etc.

Plus the travel agency they recommended for the process had a fishy website:

travel agency site

I was unable to find a tab for visa or contact info on the front page, which added to my suspicion for the authenticity of this entire process. Then I took a while in reading the so called job contract. I discovered some interesting flaws that were good enough to realize how vague it was. Header of their contract displayed a Saudi phone number under my name and address. Along with that the font style and alignment between the two addresses did not match:

Contract 1Contract 2

Further when I read the details, I realized that they did not mention the contract period (validity) and the benefits/ salary offered was way too good to be true without a single interview. That moment I decided to hunt for this school, its history, authenticity and whatever details I can get. To my expectation there was no school by the name of Howard International School Abu Dhabi on ADEC‘s (Abu Dhabi Education Council) list. I also found a blog where not only me but some other Indians and Pakistanis were fooled by the same school for a job, and were asked to pay different amounts for processing.

Blog Details

After all these flaws in their communication, letters/ contract and the blog I was sure that no such school by the name of Howard International exists in Abu Dhabi, later the confirmation came from ADEC and Abu Dhabi govt’s e-helpline. I filed a complaint against this school and its website to Abu Dhabi govt online. My request for investigation is already processed. But at the same time, I thought of sharing this information on my blog for anyone who is searching for this school, and is interested in inquiring about the details. If you find this blog helpful plz do share with others. And just in case, if you are also a prospective victim of this school, do no make any payments to their account, and report this school/ website to Abu Dhabi Govt online.

“Valentines Day vs Haya (Modesty) Day = A Social Confusion” (Originally Published on 15 February 2014)

Its been quite a while since we started celebrating Mother’s/ Father’s/ Teacher’s day following the American calander. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day I always find a group of individuals preaching against it. On Valentines Day so many posts circulate on internet like “Sorry Valentines day I am Muslim”, “We will celebrate HAYA DAY on 14th Feb” etc. I see people in Pakistan declaring a war between Valentines Day and Islam. I admit that in some cases Valentine Day is celebrated indecently in Pakistan. But it’s neither the concept of actual Valentines Day nor the fault of someone falling in love genuinely. In fact it’s the fault of our uncivilized illiterate public with questionable morals. We don’t know how to celebrate any event sophisticatedly. If there is a wedding we celebrate by firing, if its our Independence Day we celebrate by late night bike racing, if its chaand raat we celebrate by stalking women in public places, following and teasing them with comments, if it’s a university or college event we take it as an opportunity to lose control. This is our mind set which is so sick and low that it creates an offense to the whole society thus resulting in hating every other event or day of celebration. I really don’t believe in Valentines Day myself, but if someone for instance a couple newly married or engaged wants to celebrate with a decent lunch or dinner, drive or anything within the limits of modesty and civilization then I have no right to intrude in their privacy or call them names like ‘Be Haya’ “Begairat’ ‘Besharam’ all together 3 B’s of condemnation of every event in Pakistan.

In light of Islamic knowledge, I want to share a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

“There is nothing better for two (man and a woman) who love each other than marriage”
(Sahih al Jami, 5200)

There are many such sayings of Prophet (PBUH) and by quoting this Hadith, it is clear that Islam is not against Love, in fact it gives a proper direction to any couple in Love for getting married instead of flirting around. Not all but most men in Pakistan categorize women in two groups ‘Marriage Material’ and ‘Fun Material. Being loved by someone is a natural desire of every individual regardless of gender. So it is natural that just like men, women too want to be loved and taken care of, being emotionally more warm and loving by nature. But when people call every girl giving a general response to male attention a “characterless woman”, this is the worst form of generalization of the womenkind. Girls in Pakistani society are more honest in feelings as compared to men who are basically hypocrites. As they play in love with one and marry a shaver chicken of their mother’s choice and calling the first one characterless, with a mind set: ‘If she can have an affair with me, who knows how many bf’s she had before me’ without counting the long list of women they have been flirting around with.

We Pakistanis are obsessed with associating everything with haram or halal, but no one ever cared to think that Mother’s/Father’s/Teacher’s Day could be a commercialized marketing strategy. When companies are unable to sell seasonal stock on regular business days, they promote gift items associated to these holidays and events. Its a very smart way of selling products, instead of stocking them in ware houses for another year, as the stocking cost is high. People don’t mind spending money on buying gifts for their mothers, fathers, teachers or spouse. Everything is not as religious as it sounds, sometimes it is a smart sales startegy. If people want to condemn Valentine’s Day for whatever reason, they should but they have no right to instigate violance or impose their concepts on other individuals using extreme measures. It is more important for them to condemn ‘Be-Hayai’(vulgarity) instead of someone’s decent dine out with his/her partner.


I AM A PAKISTANI FIRST… (Originally published on 23 Sep 2013)

I had to take my mother to the church service yesterday where I heard about an attack on some Church in Peshawar. That was a pretty sad moment for everyone attending the service but no one was aware the adversity of this attack. When I reached back home and tuned on the TV, I was shocked to see that it is turned out to be the biggest attack on any Church in last 13 years.

I called a few friends in Peshawar to make sure they are okay. Although my friends were fine but some of their immediate family members were among the deceased ones. The grief was growing parallel with the rise in death toll. But then what supported me was everywhere I could see my Pakistani Muslim fellows condemning the attack. This was something different, something that uplifted me, it made me realize that over the passage of past 13 years things have changed a lot in Pakistan. We are not a senseless nation anymore. Now my countrymen will support me on any such act regardless of caste, color or creed.

This attack on church was done at a time when our govt was about to start peace talks with Talibaan, whoever attacked our Army men including the Maj Gen few days back and the ones who attacked this church were determined to push back our govt from the talks. This attack on Church occurred not because there were Christians praying in it, but because they were Pakistanis. They were attacked for being a Pakistani this time not for being a Christian. I know we have plenty of such cases where religious persecution is the main reason for such hatred and attack. But this attack was intended to hit the most vulnerable community so that it catches International Media attention right away.

Minorities are the most vulnerable target in any society. When minorities are treated well, it reflects how tolerant that society is. Now this blast raises a question on extremist mind sets prevailing in Pakistan…!! And every Muslim who condemn these attacks is basically showing the world that Muslims are not against other religions. Islam does not preach its followers to kill minorities.

This attack happened at a time when all parties were willing for a dialogue session with TTP, according to a rough info there are around 40 groups working under the banner of TTP and if govt convince at least a few out of them to disarm it would be an achievement for the peace process.

So try thinking out of the box… everything does not revolve around sentiments all the time…!!

Every attack on Church is as condemnable as any attack on a Mosque. Place of worship is the most sacred place for believers and the ones who attacked the Church are the same people who have been attacking Mosques for years. They are not serving any religion but have vested interests. This is no jihad this is a criminal war. I just want to end this note with what Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said about Christians:

This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them.

Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.

No compulsion is to be on them.

Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.

No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses.

Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.

No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight.

The Muslims are to fight for them.

If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.

Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants.

No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).


‘Global Warming’ – Monster behind Extreme Climate Change in the World

If you mention Global Warming to people in Pakistan, many of them laugh and do not take it seriously. However, surprising for some, Pakistan is also among the countries likely to be affected by climate change. Global Warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation. Since the early 20th century, Earth’s mean surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F), with about two-thirds of the increase occurring since 1980.

Human beings have polluted Earth’s environment with Weapons, Industrial wastes, Green House Effects, Air pollution, cutting Trees etc and some natural causes that add to the factor are, Volcanic eruptions, Depletion of Ozone Layer, Melting Glaciers and so on. Recently North America was hit with a powerful winter storm ‘Hercules’. Since the ‘Polar Vortex’ gripped US with heavy snow, where temperatures went as low as -20 to -30 and state of emergency was declared in many States. People were stuck in their homes and had to collect supplies before time. Many homeless people were in temporary shelters or on their own. Since then two more major winter storms have hit America and still going on. This is an indication that global climate change might get worse in times to come.

For past few years Earth’s climate has encountered extreme winter storms, hurricanes, floods, rain and dry cold in an abnormal manner. For instance this winter (2013-14) we have seen snowfall in Egypt, West Bank, Rains causing floods in Saudi Arabia, extreme snow storms in UK and USA, hottest  record breaking summers in Australia and temperature upto -20 in Gilgit Baltistan and Balochistan. Scientists say that gradually the snow in Antarctica is melting and many islands and countries might vanish from the map in the coming years. Maldives which is a dream destination for some newly wedded couples is among the list.

Earth is our only home in the universe, there is no other planet that supports life. But what have we done in return to keep our environment safe and clean for ourselves and our generations to come. Man has certainly caused a disturbance to the “Equilibrium in the Ecosystem”. If we want our planet to support life for long we have to change our attitude and contribute to save our environment. Bit by Bit, Drop by Drop we can help stop ‘Global Warming’  


Earthquake 8th Oct’2005 Pakistan (In Memory of all the Victims & Tribute to Volunteers)

When the cries touched the sky…

It was a silent day,

When birds were flying with peace…

And mountains were standing high!

Something shook my bed…

An Earthquake! That made all cry,

 It felt just like The Judgment Day…

When while praying.. our throats went dry!

The panic, the tears and terror…

Made everyone afraid to die,

We called for mercy and forgiveness from Heaven…

And prayed for this moment; to pass us by!

When our faith lifted us up…

And gave us some courage; to rely,

God saved us from death and misery…

And gave us vision to help and try!

To comfort those who lost all…

Family, homes and friends!

Whose loved ones got injured or died..

But they still had; kept the strength!

Help, love and care arrived…

From all around the globe!

It was like the ray of light…

For those who survived the stroke!

We all got united…

Free of cast, creed and fears,

And gave this world a message:

” To wash away the tears “….

Life has changed a lot…

But left us with a thought,

We should live in peace and love…

Is the lesson this disaster has taught!


‘Odd Jobs and Lack of Workmanship in Pakistan’

Unemployment is one of the major issues in Pakistan. Every where you find well qualified individuals and skilled professionals with their endless struggle for a permanent job and quality living. On contrary some even complain to find incompetent individuals working as senior executives in standard firms. Why do we have such an imbalance in our society? Where do we go wrong? We always find people cursing our system for not letting genuine candidates reach the right job rather those with stronger reference or relations, or in some cases even those who can bid higher for that job. This is the scenario of our so called educated lot suffering from system disability in Pakistan.

But what about our maid, driver, gardener, peon or guard, you find a lot of them at work one day and then jobless the other. I did a little survey on my own within my circle trying to figure out what could the reason behind that people can’t stick to even odd jobs in Pakistan, especially when inflation is touching the 7th sky. They don’t even need to have professional degrees or influential contacts for getting through to a job like that. All they need is a little honest record and required skill.

After months of observation, experience and personal interaction with employers and employees for these jobs, I figured out some common problems in almost every other case. Supposedly if someone hires a needy man as his personal driver, he expects his driver to be punctual, regular and responsible for his defined tasks and also take good care of the vehicle he is given to drive. Along with that he is asked to inform before time if taking an off from work, in case of emergency or switching to another job.  Normally employers pay them their desired salaries, still they usually behave well only for the initial weeks or months of work and gradually they stop following the clock for being on time at work, stop bothering to inform their employer before taking a leave and in some cases I even found them teaming up with some motor mechanic for robbing their bosses for those mechanical problems that actually never occurred in the vehicle.

Same is the case with our maids, when they are looking for a job, they emotionally blackmail employers by sharing their deprived conditions like living in a 1 or 2 room rented home, a druggie jobless mentally retarded husband, 10 kids and no income. People usually hire them after hearing their stories and along with their fixed salaries, people also support them with clothes, food and extra money. Still they were found guilty of stealing worthy objects from their employer’s home and if they are not into stealing objects they are very good at tricking given tasks. Like every day you tell them to clean your mugs and spoons still you still find stains or food decaying in the washed dishes, most of the dust is brushed under the carpet, dusting is usually done on those sides of the table that are easily noticeable in the first look.

Just because the ones who hire them eat a bit better or dress a bit better does not mean that they are robbing banks for that standard of living. If people were able to have a little better living it could be because of their wise expenditures and saving. It does not mean that every other person in Pakistan made money out of corruption or smuggling. This attitude ends up in frustrating the employer. Worker’s own lack of workmanship and dishonesty leaves their employer with no other option but to fire them and look for some other person.

So basically this is a common attitude of our society and the biggest reason that people can’t stick to one job. They don’t respect their work and that’s why they lose it. With huge families to provide for, they still want to be paid for just showing their face on job rather doing their work upto the mark. My teacher use to say, if you want to reach at 9am at some place make sure you keep your margin for traffic jams before you leave from home, because when you know that traffic jam is an everyday story you should take it as a normality and find a way to cope with it. Leave 30 or 40 mins earlier to reach the desired spot in time.

But people in odd jobs intentionally don’t want to get out of their excuses. Even if their uncle’s boss’s sister’s daughter’s goat dies they need a day off to attend the funeral. And that too without even informing the boss and next day when they appear at work they have another tragic story to emotionally blackmail employers for not uttering a single word in complain for their lack of responsibility.

No Imran Khan or Nawaz Shareef can bring an attitude revolution among our masses. This is a problem within and majority in our country even refuses to acknowledge it as a problem. “You can not solve a problem unless you realize it as one”.  As long as we have this attitude we have no hope to look for a better tomorrow. Countries that developed economically credit their devoted workforce from executives to labors for their success. People in such countries are not dishonest to their job neither do they live on excuses or self pity to run from assigned tasks. There is a saying ‘Be the change you want’ but people in Pakistan don’t want to change their ways. Work is work, no matter if it pays you a 7 figure salary or through daily wages, only those who are honest can grow and develop, but there is no hope for a slacker anywhere in the world.


Basic Needs, Security, Turmoil & Pakistan

As a common Pakistani citizen I observed extreme increment in the crime rate and desperation among the people in past few years. Sometimes Flour is short in the market, Sugar is not available, CNG, Petrol, Electricity all these extreme shortfalls played a vital role in causing frustration in the society. This state of unrest, anxiety and stress made us socially numb for humanity and also helped in increasing the crime rate. Basic needs were out of reach day by day for a poor man in Pakistan to a level where he felt no shame in committing crimes to provide for his family. All these issues caused a ‘Survival of the Fittest’ like situation, where people turned ruthless, immoral and hateful. Nobody cares for morals or humanity when their kids are crying for food, or when their desires prompted by seeing the glitz n glamour of Media are not being fulfilled with their genuine income. People search for new ways to make easy money or getting rich over night, and to quench their thirst for meeting the financial pressure, pleasure or frustration they even commit crimes, without any guilt or shame.

Media glitz n glam may also include the part social media has played in causing frustration among the masses. A poor man does not know what Social Media is but he for sure moves in this society where people are growing richer day by day at a time when country is growing poorer. Unemployment has increased to an extent where smart and intellectual individuals have to work under rich bosses. These bosses might not stand parallel to the intellectual aptitude of  their subordinates, and contribute to de-motivate them causing frustration to any genuine professional.

 “Ever since Facebook came Narcissism is no more a personality disorder”

Every body is happy, enjoying life, shopping, eating out, etc. This fake display of leisure too has made everyone among the internet lot become part of the race to take the lead over his peers. Scientific research proves that people don’t act natural rather more fake to sound happy on social media. If a friend brought a new car and shows off the purchase on Face Book, the vulnerable victim will end up in a stimulated struggle to get the similar or even a better car to stay in the status league. Public display of affection in marital affairs as close to perfection is also out of inferiority complex. People do it to satisfy the gaps within, but it ends up in frustrating the ones struggling to make things work.

When people get more exposure to better standards, no matter how fake or real the display was, they naturally want to enjoy the luxury too. Be it a poor illiterate man, a genuine professional or even the cyber crowd. At one end people are enjoying; Gadgets, Cars, Exotic Holidays, Designer Wear, Homes in Posh areas and on the other, inflation is crossing new heights for the masses. Every thing is going out of their reach. What else to expect from such a society other than increase in terrorism or crime rate. When I thought about it for a while I ended up in relating all this to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”.

Abraham Harold Maslow was an American psychologist who was best known for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; He simply proposed that their are 5 categories of human needs; and every individual needs to acquire the previous stage in order to achieve the prior one. He ranked 5 types of needs according to their significance in a person’s life.

“Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”

1. Basic Needs;
Food, Clothes, Shelter, Air etc
If any man has fresh and clean air to breath, enough food and water supply, clothes and proper shelter it gives him the ability to think of more than that…

2. Security Needs;
   Safety of life, Assets, Everything
Once your basic needs are satisfied you want to create a secure environment for yourself and your loved ones… so that you can move forward in life.

3. Psychological Needs;
Love, Friendship, Family

Love of family, friends and after a certain age of maturity, love of your partner makes your feel important, contented and valued in life. Love adds positivity to your life and makes you more confident about yourself and your abilities. Makes you realize your worth and encourages you to take responsibilities more seriously.

4. Esteem;
    Achieving enough Confidence;
Knowing your Worth
 Once all previous stages of needs are achieved, only then an individual is able to realize his intellectual aptitude and potential for pragmatic implementation of his Knowledge, Skills and Abilities in the right direction. An esteemed person is in a  perfect position to make more rational decisions and forecast his future plans more sensibly.

5. Self Actualization;
    Problem Solving; Creativity, Experimentation
One needs to be in a proper balance before he starts experimenting… And when he attains this final stage after all the previous 4… He is in an ideal position to diagnose the problem area before experimenting with solutions. Self Actualization in simple words refers to a stage where a man makes a conscious discovery of his purpose or goals in life. At this stage a person is even ready to take risks and is sure of his potential to grow n develop.

But in contradiction to the ideal stages proposed by “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” in an individual’s life, our political system does not support it at all. Which means we don’t have favorable conditions to achieve these stages in a disturbed society. Our system is designed in such a way that since the past few years people of Pakistan are running after their basic needs, i.e. FOOD, SHELTER etc and worse than that is when the SECURITY becomes a threat for people…!! In these conditions public will stay busy in running after their basic and security needs… they will never be able to rise above the level where they can feel valued, loved, respected or get enough confidence to do something for themselves and their country…!!! We are being systematically slow poisoned to go backward rather move forward with rest of the world. In the end it leaves me with a question that; Are we intentionally being kept at a level where we keep on losing our nerves for our Basic and Security needs rather than developing into a more rational and civilized nation or being diverted to these problems so that we never concentrate on bigger issues circulating in our society?